Bahala Na: A Phrase That Can Ruin Your Financial Future

Scenario 1: An overweight man with a history of heart disease eats dishes high in cholesterol, such as lechon. When his friends advised him to slow down, he simply says “Masarap siya eh. Bahala na kung atakihin ako.”

Scenario 2: A woman finds out about a mall sale and decides to shop to her heart’s content. She ends up spending her savings without setting aside an amount for her monthly expenses. When asked how she’ll pay for the electricity and other bills, she shrugs and says “Bahala na kung saan ko kukunin yung pera.”

What’s common in these two scenarios? The words “bahala na.”

People with this come-what-may attitude don’t want to be bothered by uncertainties or problems in life. Instead of taking steps to deal with the problem, they leave their fate in the hands of a certain caped superhero, which is a terrible idea.

How this Filipino Trait Affects Your Finances

When you say bahala na to your finances, you’re allowing the possible consequences of your actions to ruin your financial future.

Take the case of the woman who blew her budget on a mall sale. What would happen if she suddenly gets sick? She’ll be in financial hot water if she doesn’t have insurance (or at the very least an emergency fund) to pay for the medical expenses. She may have to resort to using her credit card/s or borrowing money (which can be difficult to pay back) just to settle the bills.

As for the overweight man who chooses to eat lechon because it tastes good, his unhealthy eating habits can get him in physical and financial trouble. He could end up with a stroke, a heart attack, or some other serious disease if he continues his unhealthy lifestyle. On top of that, he’ll need to spend a lot of money on medical treatments or maintenance meds to prevent whatever serious disease he already has from getting worse.

It’s clear that both their financial futures are as dark as Batman’s cape.

Take Charge

Instead of saying “bahala na”, say “ako ang bahala.”  Take control of your life.

If you have a history of heart disease, practice a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating the right food. Your body will thank you for it. Plus, you’ll save money on medical expenses since you’re less likely to get sick if you stay fit.

If you come across a sale at a mall, check if you have the budget for it. If you do, spend it only on things you need. Taking responsibility for your finances will help make sure that your financial future looks bright.

Don’t entrust your fate in the hands of a fictional superhero. Batman won’t cover your tomorrows for you.

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