De-cluttering Your Home and Earning from It: What the KonMari Method™ Doesn’t Teach You

You’ve probably heard of the KonMari Method™.  It is a process of tidying up your home to make sure that what you retain sparks joy in your life and makes your outlook positive. Its creator, Japanese organizing expert and bestselling author Marie Kondo, recommends that you “let go” of things that no longer give you joy. They only mess up your home and burden you emotionally.

If you’re keeping more than what you’re using, you’re holding on to excess baggage. What do you plan to do with them anyway? So why not let go — and in the process, give these things new life by donating them or earn by selling some of them.

Put Up a Garage Sale

The months leading to Christmas are perfect for organizing a garage sale. Filipinos will not miss an opportunity to score great gifts at prices they can afford. If many people pass by your street every day, a garage sale in front of your home will attract them. You may also hold your sale at a friend’s house, if the friend is OK with it and there is more foot traffic.

When organizing a garage sale, keep the following in mind:

  • Put a price on everything. Buyers are often annoyed when they have to ask the price each time. Make sure the prices are clear. Buy pre-printed price stickers or write the price on sticker tags with a permanent marker.
  • Logically arrange things (put together clothes, books, appliances, decor, and others) and put those with similar applications near each other (items for the kitchen, articles for the bedroom, objects for the yard, etc.)
  • Expect your buyers to haggle. Set your lowest and final price for each type of item. If the item is not open for negotiation, indicate it on your price tag. But don’t expect to get the same value that you paid for when you bought the item. It’s a garage sale, not an auction.
  • Advertise your garage sale event.  Give out flyers to neighbors and people in commercial areas. Announce them on social media to get more potential buyers.

Sell Things Online

Selling your excess or pre-loved belongings is easier now than before, with online shops accessible to you. You may set up a shop in popular online marketplaces such as Shoppee, Carousell, and Lazada. You can sell anything including clothes, accessories, electronics, toys, sporting goods, and others.

If you have numerous followers on social media, Instagram, and Facebook’s Shopify are the best venues. eBay is another promising platform to dispose of your used items and earn some money. You may even sell for a cause.

De-cluttering your home resolves two issues. Not only will you end up having a spotless house, but you also manage to detach yourself from things you associate with a painful or sad experience. Earning money is a bonus.

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