Is Your Plan for Financial Prosperity All Up to God?

God will provide. Does your plan for financial prosperity depend entirely on these three words?

While there’s nothing wrong with a faith-based approach to wealth, it’s a strategy that’s not likely to yield the result you seek. It’s not enough to ask God to, for example, deposit millions of pesos in your account and then rely on that prayer to propel your income. It’s a nice thought, but faith requires action to work.

Use Your Gifts

Trust in God, or the Universe is OK. But you also have to trust in yourself because you’ve been given gifts. Whether you acquired them naturally (e.g., an innate sense to invest in the right financial platforms) or academically, the point is to use them to advance your position in life. Even people who barely completed high school but had the perseverance and fortitude to earn more move out of bad neighborhoods and into better lives.

And everyone has gifts. You need only to identify yours and work with it. It could be as seemingly ordinary as organizing your home so well no one in your family has to find anything or leave the house late. It could also be as extraordinary as recognizing which properties are going to be profitable.

With the former gift, you could develop a closet-organizing service for busy couples or families. With the latter, you could start a real estate investment portfolio or buy and sell homes.

Use Your Blessings

Your financial prosperity would not be a reality without hard work, and your faith dictates that it might not have been possible without divine intervention. As such, it’s only right to give back when the world has been kind to you.

Give back, and it’s likely to return tenfold. This is true of the most sought-after businesses to work for in the US. Fortune’s study of several hundred organizations shows how some companies have more enthusiastic employees, higher retention rate, and better brand ambassadorship. Their common denominator is that they all have some form of volunteer program in place.

Your contribution as an entrepreneur or an investor doesn’t have to be ambitious. Start with your community and find out what you can do to help improve people’s lives.

You get every opportunity to make money, grow your wealth — be comfortable in life. But it’s up to you to do the work, and God (or the Higher Power you believe in) will provide.

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