Step 1: Think Big to Earn Big

Life’s not all roses and sunshine.

You’ll experience pitfalls and setbacks time and again. Sometimes, the best way to weather these storms is to buckle down and stay the course until you’re on surer footing. It’s a good strategy. But it can be stifling if you make a habit of this. Your luck is bound to turn soon, and you’ll have to be ready to seize opportunities that come your way or maybe even make your own way — especially when it comes to financial matters.

Get Your Head in the Game

You won’t get far when you’re stuck in the mindset of simply surviving. In fact, self-made millionaires are more often than not unabashed dreamers and go-getters. They have lofty goals and strive to reach them every day. With a little brain re-training, you can be like them, too.

And it all starts with learning to see past your self-imposed limitations.

Check Your Limits at the Door

Learning to limit what we want and seek out is a direct response to reality. By firmly establishing boundaries, we can stay in a “comfort zone” and ensure we don’t overreach and endanger ourselves.

While moderation is a virtue worth emulating, you also need to ask yourself if you’re refraining from reaching for more because it’s physically impossible (aiming to learn how to breathe underwater unaided) or because you’ve convinced yourself that this is all you can achieve and have settled into your lot in life (thinking that you can’t earn twice, thrice, or even six times your current pay).

The Time to Act is Now

The truth is, with informed investments and maybe a side business, you can earn whatever you set your mind to. It’s not going to come together tomorrow, or the day after that. But if you can see yourself getting to the finish line and put in the work to get there, then nothing’s stopping you from moving up in the world.

The first step to earning big is not to be born into a wealthy family nor is it to be famous for something. What you need to do before everything else is to allow yourself to dream of going beyond the current confines of your finances.

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