The Path to Wealth: Creating a Pattern of Success

Can you hypnotize your way to success? Yes and no.

You can, in a sense, fall under a spell when you aim to get rich because it’s about focused attention; you eliminate the distractions and respond to a “suggestion” that you can and will succeed.

But you can’t rely on this intense focus alone to go from being a wage earner to having a substantial net worth.

You need to follow a series of behavior that is consistent with what you want to achieve in life. Whether you want to start a business from scratch or venture into property investments, you can create a pattern of success by doing the following:

  • Set a goal
  • Follow through
  • Learn from other people
  • Track your progress (even the failures)

Successful People Follow a Pattern

Every successful person has had to set a goal in life. Some you can accomplish within a short period (e.g., get funding for new business) while others need more time and expertise (e.g., adopt digital payment system in store) to develop. The key to setting your goal is to make sure it’s measurable and attainable.

Once you’ve visualized this goal, you need to take steps to achieve it. Follow through on your intentions, and you’re halfway to reaching your goal. How do you keep at it? Schedule whatever it is you need to do to meet your target.

If you need to send proposals to investors, set a deadline for it. If you need to create a feasibility study on the efficiency and ease of a digital payment system, dedicate a day or a week to finish it.

When you find yourself stuck, get help. Find a master class on pitching to investors or get a consultant who has worked with other businesses on digital payments. The right people can nudge you closer to your goal.

Then, monitor your development. What actions led to successful outcomes? Are there mistakes you could’ve avoided? Tracking your progress gives you a blueprint for your next goal, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments.

Get Out of Your Way

You can’t achieve anything if you believe you’re not likely to do it. A positive mental attitude will allow you to turn your life’s desire into a tangible result, from obtaining the funding your startup needs to implementing a simple digital payment system for your retail store.

Think of healthy thought patterns as the engine that powers your goal into an actionable plan.

A positive mindset, however, can’t carry you through tough times if you don’t have the skills to make it. By all means, look on the bright side and develop a joyful attitude about your work — your life. But also seek ways to improve your knowledge and add to your expertise.

Your journey to success will not be a straight line. You’ll want to be prepared for the detours and be open to exploring new paths. And all throughout, maintain focus on your destination.

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