Stop Blaming and Start Taking Responsibility Instead

In life and in business, it’s always easy to point fingers when something goes wrong. Especially when you’re poor, it’s easier to blame anyone or anything that seems to block your plans.

But blaming does nothing for anyone. You’ll never be able to move on or solve your money problems, especially when you decide to throw people under the bus. Blaming someone else strips you of your power to turn things around.

Who Do People Blame?

It’s just human nature to always look for someone or something to blame. Some think of blaming the government.

“Eh yung TRAIN Law kasi…”

“Kasi si [Insert name of politician here] kurakot…”

“Kaya hindi umuunlad ang gobyerno natin kasi mga corrupt ang nakaupo.”

Others blame their family.

“Mahirap lang kasi si [Insert name of family member here]”

“Di kasi ako galing sa mayaman na pamilya.”

“Di kasi si Henry Sy/ Lucio Tan/ Gokongwei ang tatay ko.”

While it’s convenient to shift the blame onto other things we can’t control, such as the government, our family circumstances, or other people, it won’t turn your business around or help you find the extra funds you need. When people fee lthe need to put the blame on something else, they their tendency is is to wait for others to help them. Solving the problem is not the prime concern.

Continuing on the path of blame only becomes a vicious cycle of ambitious attempts and catastrophic failures, the end result being you’ll never get anywhere.

Be Responsible for Your Success

The good news is there’s a way to solve your financial problems and lift yourself out of poverty. But to do that, you need take responsibility for your life. For starters, you can:

  • Set Financial Goals for Yourself and Your Family
  • Track Your Expenses down to the Last Centavo
  • Create a Budget
  • Build an Emergency Fund
  • Pay off Your Debt

Being responsible for your life means not taking the path of blame and refusing to hide behind circumstances you can’t control, auch as the law, the government, family background, or even society. The key to your financial success is in your hands, and the first step is to take responsibility for your life.

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